Wrapping It Up

Congratulations! You have experienced one of the core states of meditation!

Now what, you may well ask.

Well, first I would suggest you just get comfortable for a while with meditating in this way. Set up a regular, daily practice - even just 10 minutes a day is great. The important thing is to be regular about it, just like with any other kind of exercise. Remember, you're exercising your ability to remain present in your direct experience, to know how to easily get there and, most importantly, to know how to choose to do so.

As I said above, this is one of the core states of meditation. From here, there are a number of possible paths you can take. For instance, you could...

  • ...rebalance your response to stress and experience the deepest relaxation possible
  • ...develop your powers of concentration and focus
  • ...expand your understanding of who you truly are

Leave a comment below saying what path (or paths) you'd like to explore, and I'll be glad to suggest some possible avenues of discovery.

In the meantime, in Joy!

Peter Crawford

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