Reading Magazines Can Be Harmful to Your Health...

What I’m talking about is the sometimes bad advice you can get from “popular news outlets”. And it’s not just magazines, but also public service announcements, health pamphlets, commercials, your Aunt Sally - wherever opinion is put forth as gospel fact.

I’m The Living (Barely) Proof

For instance, we’re all supposed to cut back on our salt intake, right? You hear it everywhere. No-one qualifies that statement in any way. It’s just “Cut back on salt”.

And all the reasons seem quite compelling: it’s a poison, it leads to heart disease, high blood pressure and so forth. My favorite one goes something like, “Cut out salt and you’ll get to taste the real flavor of the food.” A culinary, health-nut’s dream!

All these reasons sounded good to me. I already have fairly low blood pressure (110/70), but surely I’d like to keep it that way. So I reduced my salt intake. Not fanatically or anything. Whatever was already there, I didn’t sweat it. I just didn’t add any extra salt. And I didn’t eat a lot of things like salted peanuts and corn chips, which was easy since I didn’t eat those kinds of things anyways.

All it took was a few hot days and wham! my moderate salt diet nearly took me down.

I happen to be quite thin. Add to that my already low blood pressure and LOW SALT RETENTION and suddenly my blood pressure started plummeting. I called the doctor when it was around 90/60, my head was dizzy and I was just barely able to drag myself around the house. He said (drum roll please),


And drink more than two liters of water per day. I already drink lots of water, nearly two liters, but he was saying it’s got to be definitely well more than two liters.

Please Don’t Take My Advice!

In fact, I am not advising you to eat or not eat salt. All I’m saying is, all the health advice we’re constantly bombarded with is usually aimed at the majority of the population. If you’re not in that majority, then sorry Charlie, you die!

In the end, my only real advice is, whatever advice you hear, take it with a grain of salt...

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